Monday, September 13, 2010

Ratatat Live

What's cooler, better, and more exciting than sliced bread? Ratatat live. I got to see those two brilliant men live a couple days ago (September 8) and Right from the get go when I heard they were coming to Toronto, I had to get my hands on those golden tickets. I've been waiting 6 whole years to experience them live and I would most definitely repeat that night over and over again, slow motion too! (minus when I got smuggled by someone's armpit.. that was just a torturous nightmare). First off, they are ten times better than the recordings. It's one thing to hear one of your favourite musicians on record, but it's an absolute brain rush to be able to experience them and feel the music and vibration right in front of your own eyes.

They preformed many songs from their latest album,  LP4 such as Mandy, Neckbrace, Drug, Grape Juice City, and my favourite, Bob Gandhi (got a video of it below!). I highly recommend LP4, it's probably one of my overplayed albums of 2010. Not to mention, all the unforgettable oldies from the albums Classics (Lex, Loud Pipes, Swisha, & the best, Wildcat) and LP3 (Mirando, Gipsy Threat, etc). I think my favourite part of the entire concert was seeing them make these unreal tunes in front of my eyes that I obsess over day and night with all the instruments used like guitars, drums, bass, melodica, electric piano.. just unreal. Overall, the concert was phenomenal. It was exactly what I expected but better. I would love to see a future show with them but in collaboration with all the various legendary artists in both of their albums Ratatat Remixes Vol. 1 & 2 like LOX, Missy E, Jay-Z, Method Man, T.I, Memphis Bleek, Kayne, Young Jeezy and the list goes on. Got a bunch of videos (posted below) with my half broken camera that's been serving me pretty well lately. Enjoy!
PS. Birthday present vinyl from the sneakiest girl I know, Inna. A-M-A-Z-I-N'
Bob Gandhi [Intro]

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