Monday, September 13, 2010

Ratatat Live

What's cooler, better, and more exciting than sliced bread? Ratatat live. I got to see those two brilliant men live a couple days ago (September 8) and Right from the get go when I heard they were coming to Toronto, I had to get my hands on those golden tickets. I've been waiting 6 whole years to experience them live and I would most definitely repeat that night over and over again, slow motion too! (minus when I got smuggled by someone's armpit.. that was just a torturous nightmare). First off, they are ten times better than the recordings. It's one thing to hear one of your favourite musicians on record, but it's an absolute brain rush to be able to experience them and feel the music and vibration right in front of your own eyes.

They preformed many songs from their latest album,  LP4 such as Mandy, Neckbrace, Drug, Grape Juice City, and my favourite, Bob Gandhi (got a video of it below!). I highly recommend LP4, it's probably one of my overplayed albums of 2010. Not to mention, all the unforgettable oldies from the albums Classics (Lex, Loud Pipes, Swisha, & the best, Wildcat) and LP3 (Mirando, Gipsy Threat, etc). I think my favourite part of the entire concert was seeing them make these unreal tunes in front of my eyes that I obsess over day and night with all the instruments used like guitars, drums, bass, melodica, electric piano.. just unreal. Overall, the concert was phenomenal. It was exactly what I expected but better. I would love to see a future show with them but in collaboration with all the various legendary artists in both of their albums Ratatat Remixes Vol. 1 & 2 like LOX, Missy E, Jay-Z, Method Man, T.I, Memphis Bleek, Kayne, Young Jeezy and the list goes on. Got a bunch of videos (posted below) with my half broken camera that's been serving me pretty well lately. Enjoy!
PS. Birthday present vinyl from the sneakiest girl I know, Inna. A-M-A-Z-I-N'
Bob Gandhi [Intro]

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bonobo - Black Sands

I noticed I had a brand new obsession lurking my brain, and I'll admit that this one is pretty severe, more severe than the bazillion I have on a daily bases. I was lucky enough to have a on-air training session at CHRW with one of the DJs that brought my attention to this amazing musician. Her channel was groovy, full of electric low-key beats, lots of new tunes to soak my mind into. (ORGANIC GROOVES, every Thursday @ 12 PM: CHRW 94.9 London, ON). Anyways, through that session I was introduced to my new obsession, Bonobo aka Simon Green. Now, I've heard some of his tunes before but never enough for me to go research and get to know him

The song that brought this obsession to life would have to be Kong from his latest album Black Sands (2010). Such an outstanding song, I think I've played it endless amounts of times. Its soft saxophone soothing my ears; best played on a long drive home or in a jazzy atmosphere. In fact, the entire album Black Sands is just brilliant. I think if I had to describe Green's sound in couple of words I would most definitely say electric -- downtempo groovy vibes, calming yet still enchanting. Other songs off of Black Sands the drive me insane (in the best way possible, of course) are Kiara; with its beautiful Chinese cultural reference kicking off right from the get go, All in Forms, and 1009

This is one of my absolute favourite albums of 2010 as of yet and Bonobo is number one on my must-see-live or else die list. I posted some links at the bottom for all recommended songs off of Black Sands for a quick listen! 

Enjoy my lovelies!
Recommended tunes:
Hana ER

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jackanory & The Ball + New EP!

I ran across this new band called Jackanory & The Ball about a week ago. They're two guys that formed a new pop rock/hiphop band based in Northern United Kingdom. Their latest E.P [self-titled] is out and it is all yours for free! I had a listen and the first thing that popped into my mind was Lily Allen. They certainly remind me of some of her music, especially their unique and upbeat fun sound that puts you in a great mood. So, if you're a Lily Allen fan, then you'll most likely be a Jackanory and The Ball fan. Definitely check out their E.P (link to download, it's free!) and they're British, what more do you want?! They also have podcast episodes every month full of music and talk.. which I thought was pretty nifty (link here)
Jackanory and the Ball Album Promo from Jackanory & the Ball on Vimeo.

Hana E Raheb

Monday, June 21, 2010

jonsi "go tour"

Yes, I know, it's about time.. I got a little lazy but then excitement randomly hit my brain cells the other day and I decided to upload all the glorious videos captured at the Jonsi concert, Go tour in Toronto, Ontario @ The Sound Academy. If there is an award for the BEST visuals at a concert, it would most definitely go to Jonsi. I've never been so captivated and drawn in during a concert in my whole entire life. The stage was filled with life by all the multi-colored vivid lights, visuals, harmony, and lanterns burning - it almost seemed like I was inside a really rad music video (seriously, words can't explain it so this is the best I can give). Not to mention, all the exquisite instruments used like piccolos, xylophones, piano, flutes, even stone bowls made the show much more outstanding and lively. The best part of this entire experience is Jonsi's voice. It sounds dream-like live, exactly as it would sound on record, if not better - but that's just an understatement. Overall, I'd watch this concert over and over again a million times, in slow motion too. Words can't explain how outstanding this show was, so luckily I got a bunch of videos to show you all! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


You can't ever go wrong with a French DJ! Found this gem on one of my spontaneous, adventurous Wednesday nights where I have a life and I sit all night searching youtube videos until I find something interesting, like this! Djedjotronic is currently on repeat and being played obsessively throughout my day. Maybe you can do the same. More goods on his myspace. Enjoy!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

London's Own Artists (It's worth your while, really)

Probably the best blog yet to be written in this blog-o-sphere because it's about local artists right here in London, Ontario! Finally the mixtape is out, "Journey To The Sound" by Roberto Alas-Duran [Y.RO] and Big C, engineered by Halley Valencia. Just listened to the entire album and I have to admit that it is very impressive for a first mixtape and way to damn catchy. If you're into good music, good hip-hop, and catchy beats that will drive your iPod insane and probably explode, check out the mixtape and download.

Recommended Tunes:
- Journey To The Sound
- Tonight

Download link RIGHT HERE.
Enjoy & support London music & talent.

Hana errrrrr

Monday, May 10, 2010

Glorious ol' Gems of Hanaer0 - Bloody Beetroots

Looking back at some of my youtube uploads, I came across so many darn mesmerizing videos that I never even posted on here! Let's just start off with the night when Bloody Beetroots made it to London, Ontario, Up On Carling (More please?). Hectic, unreal, outstanding, holy moly, crazy night. Probably one of the best nights in London yet, which is why we need more of these.

Check out the videos I captured that night (sorry in advance for the shakey hand - it's almost impossible to keep a steady hand when my brain is exploding from excitement and I'm about to have a seizure attack because of how amazing life is).


Friday, April 9, 2010

TuneGlue - MusicMap = Probably the best music website in the universe

Thanks to my friend Val, my life is now complete.
This website is probably the smartest idea ever, and it makes me wonder why didn't I think of something this clever. Ever had a favourite band or artist and wanted to know other musicians that are as good with a similar tune? Well.. there you have it!
All you gotta do is type in the name of the artist and it creates a mindmap of all the musicians that fall under the same genre and that have pretty similar sound. 
New music, new bands all. the. time. amazing.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MGMT - Congratulations

MGMT's latest album Congratulations is officially streaming for FREE on That was probably the most exciting part of my usual day. I sat and listened to the entire album and I have to say I still love em' but it was a slight disappointment compared to their past albums. It wasn't terrible, more so different and didn't have the catchy beats to woo me in, but it sure wasn't Oracular Spectacular (2008). On a more positive note, there were some good tunes on the album that my ears enjoyed like It's Working, Flash Delirium, and Found A Whistle. I'll admit that the more I listen to this album, the more it grows on me. I guess Andrew and Ben's idea works for having their fans listen to the album as a whole rather than the three songs that are being played on the radio, and staying underground and outside of the mainstream lights. Check it out yourself, thoughts?

- Hana

Thursday, March 11, 2010


One word to describe Lady Gaga's new video featuring Beyonce = EPIC. Finally.. The music video we've all been waiting for. Lady Gaga once again has out done herself with outrageous creativity along with Beyonce for the second time.  One thing about this music video that I'm unfond of is the dance at 7:42 looks hella lot like Michael Jackson - Thriller. But, I have to admit that this is probably my top favorite video of 2010 (so far at least!). This mini-movie music video keeps me in tune, entertained, and it makes the song exquisitely better. It's different and that's what caught my attention. I mean, they could of easily made it into the typical scenario where girl catches boy cheating, boy feels bad and becomes a stage-5-stalker calling her non-stop, girl moves on - EASY! Instead, they turned the concept of typical scenarios and created an action-filled, entertaining mini-movie inspired by Quentin Tarantino, which circulates around the theme 'telephone'. Different is good, there is nothing wrong with change, especially with creativity in the entertainment industry. Not to mention, the choreography and the style of this video is fantastic! Bottom line, it made me fall in love with the song ten times stronger.
...Now, if only inmates dressed this fashionable decked out in Alexander McQueen wardrobe.. 9 minutes of pure glory, check it out:


Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 is Looking GOOD!

I've been looking at all the concerts for 2010 and I must say, it's looking good!
Concerts in 2010 that will make me bankrupt (as well as many other concert die-hards out there), count every last penny to eat at Salad King in Toronto (the orange chicken meal to be exact), and sneak my way around the underground sub because I'm THAT broke with my wing woman Inna. Drum roll please..

Owen Pallett - Feb 25. London, ON @ Aeolian Hall
                              Feb 26. Brantford, ON @ Ford Plant
                              Feb 27. Hamilton, ON @ Lincoln Alexander Centr
                              April 8. Toronto, ON @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Felix Cartal - Feb 28. London, ON @ Diesel
Surfer Blood - March 6. Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee's
CONGOROCK - March 7. London, ON @ Diesel
Muse - March, 8. Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Center
Copeland - March, 10.  Toronto, ON @ The Opera House. This is their last tour ever as a band so make sure to make it out, it's going to be unreal
Born Ruffles - March 14. Toronto, ON @ The Phoenix
SPOON - March 29. Toronto, ON @ Sound Academy
Vampire Weekend - March 30. Toronto, ON @ Sound Academy
The XX - April 4. Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Theatre
Eisley - April 28. Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace
Sia - April 28. Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Theatre
Yeasayer - May 1. Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace
Jonsi - April 30/May 1. Toronto, ON @ Sound Academy

So far, it's looking fan-tas-tic. I'm hoping there are more awesome concerts to make my ear drums happy and I'm sure there will be, it's only the start of the year!
Concerts to anticipate for: The Middle East, The Broken Bells (fingers crossed!), Portugal. The Man, Iron & Wine.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Song Obsession of the Week: Morgan Page -Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix)

Song obsession of the week: Morgan Page - Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix). The original mix (without Deadmau5) is still good.. but not AS good. Joel adds his original upbeat touch that gives me the need to play the song over and over again until my iTunes explodes. There is no surprise to why Deadmau5 is involved in this obsession, since we all know how amazing his music is. Morgan Page on the other hand, haven't heard much of him so I did some research and he actually has some pretty good tunes such as Call My Name (can be found on his myspace). The beat of this song takes the win for me, and it might sound familiar to some of you hip-hop lovers since it is from the song Written On Her (Remix) by Birdman Feat. Jay Sean, Flo Rida & Mack Maine (pretty catchy). Anywho, this was just a quick ramble. Check'r out and Morgan Page's myspace!

much love,

Friday, December 25, 2009

Broken Bells

Broken Bells are my number one addiction right now, especially their latest song 'The High Road'. I'm just new to them and I'm already in love. All thanks to Braden for introducing me to this excellent tune. When I first listened to them they reminded me of The Shins and with a little researched it turned out to be James Mercer (The Shins' own lead singer) and Danger Mouse's (Brian Burton) new band! What a surprise! Their first album is launching out on March 9, 2010. That's probably one of the albums in 2010 that I am thrilled for. Their sound is laid back and I'm actually quite excited to hear their full album -- might be interesting in terms of the collaboration with Danger Mouse and Mercer. Long story short, if you're into the The Shins then you'll definitly be diggin' Broken Bells. Such an excellent sound, check them out at
much love,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I just can't get enough of Jónsi. For the past two weeks I've had the song Boy Lilikoi on repeat nonstop. I just HAD to make a blog about him. Jónsi is the lead singer in the band Sigur Rós. I've known of Sigur Rós for a little while but I had no idea that Jónsi decide to fly solo until couple of weeks ago. I'm in love his falsetto voice and the melody to his music is beautiful. I'm quite excited for his debut solo album Go that is coming out on March 22 and there is some talk that their will be a tour (hopefully that includes Canada!) Definitely check out the song Boy Lilikoiit is absolutely astounding. This is a good listen on your average day to set the calming mood right. Also, if you sign up for updates you get a free mp3! lovely. 


Friday, December 4, 2009

Ian Love

Catching up to some Ian Love was the best idea ever. Discovered this fabulous musician couple years back and fell in love with his beautiful music, especially Sky to Fall. He currently has a solo album out, which was self-recorded at his own home inspired by his life experiences. You might recognize this lad from a couple of bands such as Rival Schools and Cardia. He  took a different turn with his independent work in comparison to his past, which turned out phenomenal. I'm head over heals for his incredible soothing voice. Absolutely amazing. 'Nuff said, now go listen. much love

- Hana

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'OK GO - WTF' Video

This isn't the first time OK GO entertain us with their low-budget, creative, and original music videos. They're planning on creating a music video for all of the songs on their latest album Of the Blue Color of the Sky. I actually look forward to watching every video they cleverly create. These guys really know how to save some cash and still captivate their fans.

Check out their latest music video for 'WTF?'
- Hana

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Zero 7 - "Yeah Ghost" (2009) // Dec. 05 - Toronto, ON

This is a little delayed, I know. However, I've had the album Yeah Ghost (2009) by Zero 7 on repeat for the past 5 hours so I figured I'd make a blog about it. I discovered this wonderful band a couple years ago when I watched the movie Garden State and their song In the Waiting Line was featured. Love, love, loved it and SHA-BAM! I was hooked. Yeah Ghost is their fourth album recorded. At first, I wasn't quite sure about the new album since it is very different in comparison to their older stuff. Yet the more I listened to it the more I fell for it. They truly challenged themselves and their comfort level with Yeah Ghost. It's more creative/experimental and has a "chillaxed" edge to it. Almost every song gives me a different vibe. Change is good, especially this one. Yeah Ghost also features new vocalists: Jackie Daniels, Martha Tilston, and Eska Mtungwazi. Overall, I'm quite impressed with the album - they really out did themselves and gave us, the audience a different strain from the usual to listen to. The best part about this is that they have the whole album on their myspace page. 
An even BETTER part, they are also performing in Toronto, Ontario on December 03 at the Phoenix. 
I highly recommend this album/band, check them out on their myspace

Recommended Tunes:
(Yeah Ghost, 2009)
(this track really takes me back to their older albums)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DEADMAU5 / Toronto, ON. Dec 26 - PERFECT.

Can this get any better? Seriously? I'll be sure to make it out for this show. Deadmau5 [Joel Zimmerman] is performing in his hometown Toronto, Ontario on December 26. After I watched a couple videos of his shows (video below),  I was fascinated. This is a must see and I don't think I would miss it for the world. Also, three songs that have been taking over my ipod as of late (click to listen):
Brazil (second edit) 
There are plenty of more amazing tunes on his myspace as well. Enjoy